A. V. Frost
and Associated Families
Wilkie Matilda Anthony Frost
Photo taken in 1909
Amos Virgil, Pauline, Lawrence, Wilkie Matilda, Sylvester
Photo taken in 1917
Back:  Lawrence, Paulne, Wilkie Matilda, Stella
Front:  Howard, William James Frost, Wilkie Opal (2YO) Amos
Virgil, Sylvester
Back: .AW McKeller, Billy Jack Nixon, Stella (Ted) McKeller, Larry Frost, Bette Frost's friend, Sylvester Frost, Libby Frost, Bette Frost, Carol Frost, Burdeen
Peterson, Mary Frost, Hazel Frost, Judy Frost, Lawrence Frost, Phyllis McKeller, Patty Peterson, Annette Dolby, AJ Dolby, Wilkie Dolby, Joe Nixon, Mary
Lois Frost, Oleta Nixon, Pauline Nixon, Boyd Frost, Joanne Frost holding Ronnie, Betty Frost, Charles Cosby, Louise Frost holding Roxanne Frost, Richard

Front:  Sandy Peterson, Linda Peterson, Mark McKeller, Hank Peterson, Gary Jon Peterson, AV Frost, Jack Frost holding Susan and Greg, James Howard
Frost, Barbara Frost.

This reunion took place at the McKellers in North Little Rock, AR around 1960.
Where is Burdeen?
Mae (A. V.'s 2nd wife), A. V., Stella (A. V.'s sister)
Group of 1st cousins at Wilkie's 90 birthday celebration in 2005.
Back:  Sandy Peterson Fisher, Larry Frost, Mary Frost Dillard, Carol Frost Perry,
Patty Peterson Reyes, Phyllis McKeller Whorton, James Howard Frost
Front:  Annette Dolby Hester, Gene Dolby, Judy Frost Pridgen
Wilkie Matilda with grandchildren:
John Dolby, Jack Frost, and
James Howard Frost in lap.
September 14, 1984
Jack & Libby Frost,
Hazel and Lawrence Frost,
Pauline Nixon